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  Warning: If you don't like yaoi, PLEASE DON'T READ IT!! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU READING IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE YAOI!? even more WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING!! some people enjoy this stuff... SO LET THEM ENJOY IT!!...
also... for those of you who do enjoy this, should I continue? I was thinking about throwing Amaimon into it, and if I were to continue, it'd probably become a lot more hardcore XD just saying... cause it's me... yeah... so ENJOY <3

   True Cross Academy... It was a place Rin never even dreamed he'd be
close to in his life, let alone attend it. To his luck, a certain
vibrantly pink man gave him this wondrous opportunity. Rin wasn't sure
he could thank him enough... Something about that man... Mephisto...
Even when Rin said his name, it had a certain tone to it...
Mysterious, dangerous, intriguing even... He couldn't help but think
about how foreignly lovely it sounded... He thought of the the grin
Mephisto has painted on his face 24/7. Much like his name it was
indeed intriguing. Rin was curious as ever to know more about this
man... The headmaster...

"Nii-San! For the last time, pay attention!!" an angry, yet familiar
voice yelled at him.

He was daydreaming again...

"Well its your fault for making your lectures so boring, Yukio." Rin
growled at his twin.
"Well you better find a way to make it entertaining, cause you're
failing my class. If you don't get your grades up, how do you expect
to ever reach a paladin's level, or at the very least the NEXT level!"

"Guh.... Fine..." Rin grumbled.

He straightened up and opened his notebook to "take notes" but soon
enough he was daydreaming again... He thought of that colorful smirk,
spread across that beautifully mysterious face... Mephisto...

"I know! I know!!!"
The class giggled.

"Better study up, bastard, or well all be past you sooner or later"
Bon said, shooting him a cocky grin.
Rin glared at him.

   Long awaited lunch had come. Hungry as he was, Rin ran to the
cafeteria. The scent of sizzling meat filled the air as he entered.
His stomach growled in excitement as he ran to the end of the line. He
pulled out his wallet to see how much he could afford when he saw it
was empty. "DAMNIT!! THATS RIGHT!! Damn Mephisto didn't give me my
allowance!!!" Rin slowly slugged out of the line, and sulked a bit,
before a teacher came to him. "Mr. Okumura?" he said
"That's me." Rin replied
"Sir. Pheles would like a word with you in his office." the teacher
said, offering to escort him.

Rin followed the teacher, with questions running through his head.
Mephisto... Wants to see me? I wonder... Why does he want to see me?
Maybe he'll give me my allowance? Or maybe it's more serious than
that... What exactly... Could that demon want with me...

   They reached the office and the teacher lead him inside. The room
was beautiful. The architecture was almost surreal. There was a tall
bookshelf on the left Side of the room, and the floor was marble
green, with a beautiful golden flower design in it. There were three
large windows behind Mephisto's desk, and two white chairs in front of
his desk... And on the right side of the room there were a few couches
and a small coffee table. A shimmering golden chandelier dangled over
the desk where as expected, Mephisto was perched behind. The moment
Rin entered the room, the corners of The demon's mouth curved up into
his signature grin. Mephisto stood up, with his arms spread out. "Ah!
So nice to see you again. Feels like it's been awhile, hasn't it?"
Mephisto said, with a welcoming tone "it seems you got my message,
Rin stared at him. "message?"
"Oh? So you didn't? Well that's unfortunate. Ah! No matter, I can
discuss it with you here and now." Mephisto said, happily. He waved at
the teacher who had lead Rin here "if you don't mind, Mr. Okumura and
I will be discussing some private matters, so I'd appreciate it if
you'd leave us alone for a bit."
Respectfully the teacher bowed "of corse Sir. Pheles." then with that
he left the room and closed the door behind him with a loud, ringing

Rin stared at Mephisto. Silence filled the moderately cool room.
Mephisto sat in his chair with a sigh, and grinned at Rin, inviting
him to sit in the chair across the desk. Rin slowly... Cautiously
approached the desk and sat in the chair opposite of Mephisto.

"Now that we are alone we can begin." Mephisto said, starting the
discussion. "Now, as instructed by the Academy I have been keeping
close watch on you. The reports ive gotten haven't been good. Your
grades." he giggled "Now for someone who wants to be a paladin those
are rather low. I'd think you'd try harder than this."
Rin immediately searched for an excuse, "I DO!! I-I JUST KEEP THINKING
OF-" he stopped there, realizing who he was yelling this at...

He just keeps thinking of Mephisto.

Mephisto rested his chin on his hands, leaning toward Rin with
interest. "hm..? You just keep thinking of...?" Mephisto urged him to
go on. Rin hesitated. "Nothing... I just keep thinking of nothing...
Now don't worry, I'll bring my grades up." Rin quickly stood up. Rin
was about to turn and leave when Mephisto said, "you're lying." he
chuckled "you're a bad liar, you know that." Rin bit his lip. He was
caught. "Now, sit down Rin, I'm not done with you." Mephisto said. Rin
slowly slid back into his seat.

Rin stared at Mephisto, he was trapped. Mephisto's golden eyes locked
down on Rin, and didn't let go. He stared at Mephisto... Something
about his face seemed almost dangerous. The way his sharp golden eyes
jabbed you, but fooled you with a perfect, almost seductive smirk.

"Now..." Mephisto began, taking a lollipop out of a jar, and casually
sucking on it "I know you have the potential to do well at this
school, but as we've confirmed... You're distracted by something"
Mephisto smirked "or someone." Rin stiffened. Then looked in
Mephisto's eyes... Rin's face felt hot. Was he blushing!? He searched
for something to say "it's kinda... Personal..." Rin muttered.
"Oh? Is it a girl? My, that's nothing to get Fs for~"
"It's not!!! It's its..." Rin wanted to say it... As he'd fantasized,
he wanted to confess he had Mephisto stuck on his mind. The only thing
stopping him was, Mephisto himself. What would he think...? Moreover
what would he do...?

Mephisto stood up and moved to the couch. He patted the pillow next to
him. "I have a feeling ill have to take over for Shiro Fujimoto. Now,
what's wrooong~" Mephisto said with a "fatherly" grin. Rin stared at
him. "seriously..."
"But of corse! Shiro entrusted me to take care of you, and that's what
I'm doing."
"he didn't ask you to be my father."
"Just come sit down, Rin."
Rin slowly sat beside the demon, their bodies nearly touching. Rin's
face heated even more from the closeness. Mephisto leaned toward him.
His mouth was centimeters away from Rin's ear. "Youre thinking of me,
aren't you?" Mephisto whispered to him

   What!? How the hell did he know!? Rin was frozen. He didn't know
what to do. His head was spinning, and his face burned in
embarrassment. How could he just... Tell!? Rin was trying to hide it,
but failed.

"N-No!!!"Rin yelled "WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT!?!?"

Mephisto chuckled. "You're a bad liar." Mephisto tilted Rin's chin
with his hand. He stared into Rin's oceanic blue eyes before giving
Rin a deep kiss. Mephisto's eyes shut closed, but Rin's were wide

Mephisto! He was... Kissing him!?!? Rin's body was paralyzed. Almost
as if he let himself fall into Mephisto's clutches. He let himself be
controlled by Mephisto.

He felt Mephisto push him down onto the couch. Mephisto used one hand
to unbutton Rin's shirt. He slid his tongue into Rin's mouth, happily
and hungrily exploring Rin's mouth.

Suddenly the bell rang for class. Rin reacted almost instantly. He
broke the kiss, and sat up. "Ah! Class started! I have to go!" He
tried to get up, but Mephisto pulled him back down. "don't worry, Rin.
I'll give you an excuse." Mephisto tried for another kiss, but Rin
dodged it. "I-I have to go." Rin said.
"Rin... There's no way I'm letting you go now. I've wanted this for so
long. Now that I finally have you where I want you, there's no

"bu-" Rin tried saying before the demon yanked his tie and forced a
second kiss, this time gaining immediate access.

Adrenaline filled Rin's body. He was almost quivering, his heart was
pounding so hard he thought it was going to explode.

Mephisto kissed his cheek, then slid down and kissed his neck.
"s-stop, What if someone hears!? There's class going on."
"then you'll have to keep it down."
"nmffff..." Rin moaned as Mephisto sucked, and blew hot air on his
sensitive neck.
"y-you're going to leave a mark..." Rin moaned.
"that's the point, I'm making you mine."
"But everyone will see!! Yukio will see!!"
"Then cover it with something."

  At this point he realized Mephisto could care less. Mephisto did
what he wanted just for the benefit of himself, no one else. The true
essence of greed.
   Rin nervously let out a soft moan. The topic of possession was
frightening. Even more so, now that he was being undressed by
Mephisto. By now, his whole upper body was deprived of clothing. His
tail wagged in both fear and excitement.

  Mephisto pulled back from Rin's body for a moment. He stared down at
him, before grinning and seductively sliding his glove off with his
mouth. He threw both gloves go the ground, before returning to Rin's
body. He now sucked on Rin's collarbone, causing him to moan softly.
He used his now bare hand to play with Rin's sensitive nipple.
    Rin bit his lip, holding back louder moans. Mephisto's skillful
hand sent waves of pleasure through Rin's body. Especially his lower
half. A boner slowly started forming, getting harder with every
movement Mephisto made.
"s-stop... Ah... Mnfff... It feels good..." Rin managed to say under
pleasured moans.
"If it feels good then you'd want more, yes?" Mephisto chuckled.
  "n-no... T-this isn't right. W-we can't do this." Rin tried saying.
As much as he truly wanted this, he couldn't bare thinking of the
consequences if they were to be caught.
Mephisto x Rin fanfic *o* I have become addicted to fanfics once again

CONTINUED!! : [link]
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